Grade: Professeur
Département: Physique
I am Professor in physics at the University of Ferhat Abbas-Sétif1, Department of Physics. I am also the actual Director of the Dosing, Analysis and Characterization Laboratory (DAC-Lab.).  The focus of my actual research activities is on the development and application of radioanalysis and imaging techniques . My research crosscuts a range of areas in radiation application and dosimetry, and medical physics. My overarching goals are to understand how ionizing radiation act on matter and how to be efficiently applied in many fields of science and industry for purposes covering radioanalysis, therapy, imaging, and archaeological dating,...I published more than 30 works in various international journals, books, and conference proceedings. I serve as reviewer for many international journals and I organized many scientific events.

Imaging and Radioanalytical Techniques in Interdisciplinary Research - Fundamentals and Cutting Edge Applications Ouvrage
Tomographie Neutronique Ouvrage
Temporal and Spatial Resolution Limit Study of Radiation Imaging Systems: Notions and Elements of Super ResolutionIn: Digital Image Processing Ouvrage
Mathematics and Physics of Computed Tomography (Cours de tomographie pour 3 ème année licence physique appliquée) Polycopie de cours

    Journaux (12)

  • TL dating and XRF clay provenance analysis of ancient brick at Cuicul Roman city, Algeria

    Fayçal Kharfi1, Lahcen Boudraa1, Imene Benabdelghani1, Mahfoud Bououden4

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  • Comparison of measured and calculated doses in a Rando phantom with a realistic lung radiotherapy treatment plan including heterogeneities

    Serine Sarra Bouacid, Fayçal Kharfi, Fouad Boulakhssaim

    Radiation and Environmental Biophysics , 57 (2018), pp 364-373

  • Neutron tomography simulation by MAVRIC/Monaco code

    N. Benaskeur, M. Hachouf, F. Kharfi, H. Benkharfia, A. Khalfallah

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  • Irradiated black pepper identification based on thermoluminescence of silicate minerals

    Fayçal Kharfi, Randa Ketfi

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  • New analytical approach for neutron beam-hardening correction

    N. Hachouf, F.Kharfi, M.Hachouf, A.Boucenna

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  • Dyadic wavelet for image coding implementation on a Xilinx Micro Blaze processorDyadic wavelet for image coding implementation on a Xilinx Micro Blaze processor: Application to neutron radiography

    Slami Saadi, Maamar Touiza, Fayçal Kharfi , Abderrezak Guessoum

    Applied Radiation and Isotopes , 82 (2013), pp 200-210

  • Feasibility of BNCT and Neutron Imaging with 1Hz, 5kJ Plasma Focus Neutron Source at the ICTP-MLAB Laboratory

    F. Kharfi, N. Hachouf, A. Boucenna

    Webmed Central Radiation Oncology , 3 (2012), pp 1-15

  • Characterization and MCNP simulation of neutron energy spectrum shift after transmission through strong absorbing materials and its impact on tomography reconstructed image

    N. Hachouf, F. Kharfi, A. Boucenna

    Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 70 (2012), pp 2355-2361

  • Implementation and characterisation of new neutron imaging system for dynamic processes investigation at the Es-Salam research reactor

    F. Kharfi, O. Denden, A. Abdelkader

    Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 69 (2011), pp 1359-1364

  • Spatial resolution limit study of a CCD camera and scintillator based neutron imaging system according to MTF determination and analysis

    F. Kharfi O. Denden, A. Bournane, T. Bitam, A. Abdelkader

    Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 70 (2011), pp 162-166

  • Characterisation of weak, fair and strong neutron absorbing materials by means of neutron transmission: -Beam hardening effect

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  • Implementation of Neutron Tomography around the Es-Salam Research Reactor : Preliminary study and first steps

    F. Kharfi, M. Abbaci, L. Boukerdja , K. Attari, A. Bocenna

    Nuclear Instrument and methods in Physics Research, 0 (2005), pp 213-218