HANNACHI Douniazed
Grade: Maitre de conferences classe A
Email: douniazed_hannachi@univ-setif.dz
Département: Chimie

Higher Education

2007-2011   : Doctoral studies  ( Chemical Physics Theory)  university of Batna1.
2012–2014  : Postdoctoral  fellow , University of  Lyon 1 with Prof. Henry Chermette .
2015 -          : Habilitation, University of Setif 1


1) Investigation of Chemical Reactivity and Selectivity through Quantum Chemistry
2) Application of Density Functional Theory of Optical and Nonlinear Optical
3) Application of Density Functional Theory of compounds including lanthanide atoms

    Journaux (3)

  • Mononuclear oxovanadium(IV) Schiff base complex: Synthesis, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, DFT calculation and catalytic activity

    Dekar, S., Ouari, K., Bendia, S., Hannachi, D., Weiss, J.

    Journal of Organometallic Chemistry , 866 (2018), pp 165-176

  • Addition-fragmentation reaction of thionoesters compounds in free-radical polymerisation (methyl, cyanomethyl and styryl): A theoretical interpretation

    Hannachi, D., Ouddai, N., Arotçaréna, M., Chermette, H.

    Molecular Physics , 113 (2015), pp 13-14

  • Comparative study of the lanthanide (Ln) and actinide (An) triflate complexes M(OTf) n

    Lemmouchi, M., Hannachi, D., Ouddai, N.

    Journal of Structural Chemistry , 156 (2015), pp 1495–1504