Merouani Abdelbaki
Grade: Professeur
Département: Informatique

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    Journaux (13)

  • Quasi-static Linear thermo viscoelastic process with irregular viscous dissipation

    A. Merouani Farid meselmi Hicham Abdelaziz

    Advances in applied mathematics and mechanics adv. Appl.math mech , 19 (2017), pp 924-943

  • Aproximate solution of high-order integro-differential equations using radial basis functions

    A. Merouani A.Maadadi A.Rahmoune

    Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics, 11 (2017), pp 24-42

  • Fxed point method for a class of nonlinear evolution

    A. Merouani ,A.Djabi

    Int. J. Open Problems Compt. Math, 8 (2015), pp 62-80

  • Existence of Weak Solutions For The Quasi-State Flow Of Bloud And Mathematical Coagulation Modelling.

    A.Merouani, F .Messelmi

    Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Applications , 20 (2015), pp 393-418

  • A frictional contact problem with wear involving elastic-viscoplastic materials with damage and thermal effects

    A. Djabi &A. Merouani & A. Aissaoui

    Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations No. 27, pp. , 27 (2015), pp 1-18

  • Bilateral Contact Problem With Friction And Wear For An Electro Elastic-VIiscoplastic Materials With Damage

    A. Djabi &A. Merouani

    Taiwanese Journal Of Mathematics , 19 (2015), pp 1161-1182

  • Quasi-static transmission problem in thermo-viscoplasticity

    9. A.Merouani, F .Messelmi

    Int. J. Open Problems Compt. Math, 6 (2013), pp 65-80

  • A Monotonicity Methodin Quasistatic Processes for Viscoplastic

    F .Messelmi &A.Merouani

    Int. J. Open Problems Compt. Math, 6 (2013), pp 34-48

  • A properties of the laminar flow of Herschel-Bulkley fluid,

    F .Messelmi &A.Merouani

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  • Dyanamic evolution of damage in elastic-thermo-viscoplastic materials.

    A.Merouani, F .Messelmi

    Electron.J.Equ., , 20 (2010), pp 1-15

  • A monotony method in quasistatic processes for viscoplastic materials

    A. Merouani& S. Djabi

    Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai. Series Mathematica, Cluj-Napoca, - ISSN 0252-1938, 53 (2008), pp 25-35

  • Cauchy Lipchitz method for existence and an Euler method for numerical approach in quasistatic contact problems in rate-type viscoplasticity

    A. Merouani& S. Djabi

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  • A monotony method in quasistatic processes for viscoplastic materials with a nonlinear function

    A. Merouani& S. Djabi,T Serrar

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